CNN Travel10 ways to crack Berlin's arts scene

The sheer amount and range of cultural activities available at any given time in Berlin is astonishing. Here are 10 destinations that'll help newcomers get up to speed with what's happening in a city that refuses to stand still. Read more.


Dazed Digital | A Q&A with founder of Adult Magazine, a groundbreaking erotic magazine

Dazed speaks to Sarah Nicole Prickett about her early sexual experiences, Anaïs Nin and how Adult is a feminist erotic magazine. Read more.




Freunde von Freunden | A portrait of John Baker & Juli Daoust Baker, owners of Mjölk store in Toronto

The pair are the creative minds behind Mjölk (which means ‘milk’ in Swedish), a gallery and lifestyle store with a focus on artful Scandinavian and Japanese design. Read more.

LIFESTYLE & DESIGN | Image By Titus Chan

iGNANT | Digital art: Beyond the hype

If you think of the term ‘digital art’, you might conjure up images of twitchy GIFs or glitchy videos. You might think it’s a recent development, but in fact its practice has roots dating back to the 1960s. So – what is considered ‘digital art’? And why are people paying for it? Read more.


Protein | Bare Essentials

Lingerie brands have long stuck to stereotypes of sexy. These three brands are tackling the gap in the market with underwear that offers comfort and understated appeal. Read more.




iGNANT | Poetic furniture designs by Sanghyeok Lee

We visited Lee’s studio and workshop to learn more about his award-winning projects, where he draws inspiration from as well as how architecture and urban spaces inform his pieces. Read more.

DESIGN | Image by Ana Šantl

Lit in Berlin | A newsletter-zine about literary goings-on in Berlin

Lit in Berlin is a bimonthly newsletter-zine bringing you a curated selection of events in the realm of reading, writing and publishing
in Berlin. Subscribe here.



Format Magazine | Studio Swine designs with hair, garbage and discomfort

From creating eyewear made of human hair to transforming plastic flotsam into luxury objects, designers Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakami are no strangers to pushing themselves into unfamiliar territory in order to produce extraordinary work. Read more.


iGNANT > Architecture

iGNANT | Art-inspired architecture by Gonzalez-Haase

From the Watermill Center in New York to world-renowned concept store Andreas Murkudis in Berlin, architecture firm Gonzalez Haase AAS has left its distinct design footprint in various spaces across the globe. Read more.

ARCHITECTURE | Image by Ana Šantl

Factory Magazine | Empowering refugees to become creators

The non-profit organization Anna Kjær Riechert co-founded with Ferdi Van Heerden aims to provide refugees with programs to gain tech skills and access to a network that’ll get them job-ready. Read more.

TECH & SOCIETY | Image by Ben Fuchs


Maisonneuve | Douglas Coupland on Marshall McLuhan and your digital data doppelgänger

“There’s an unusual situation where there’s a hair growing sideways in my left nostril and it’s driving me crazy... that’s called too much information,” remarked Canadian author, visual artist and Maisonneuve contributor Douglas Coupland during the opening of his speech at the Embassy of Canada in Berlin. Read more.

LIFESTYLE & DESIGN | Image By Gord Iverson

VentureBeat | Can spending on a Google-style office make employees happy (and more productive)?

Google’s unconventional office designs are well-documented and there’s no doubt they play a role in its organizational culture. But for startups, this raises a question: Can an individualized office space with sleek design really help to create that elusive feeling known as “great company culture”? Read more.

TECH & DESIGN | Image by Marcel Wichary via Flickr


iGNANT | Anne Duk Hee Jordan creates moving sculptures

From a mummified cat standing on a shelf to medicinal jars filled with unidentifiable objects, artist
Anne Duk Hee Jordan‘s studio appears to be part-natural history museum, part-metal workshop. You can
hardly walk through the space without encountering strange stone specimens or striking contraptions.
Read more.

ARTS & CULTURE | Video by Ana Šantl

Edition F | The ultimate guide to staying motivated in Berlin

Some say Berlin is a place to escape adult responsibilities. Others say it's a place that creatives flock to in the name of Work ...but then get sucked into a vortex of distractions, produce nothing and eventually return home overwhelmed by overindulgence. Read more.

WORK & CULTURE | A close-up on Clue, the startup aiming to help women make sense of their fertility cycle

Clue is a digital fertility tool that lets users (and their partners) track their menstrual cycle by entering data about their period, sex drive, mood, fluid and pain. Read more.


Freunde von Freunden | Alan Shapiro on the future of knowledge

The rise of the Internet has given us the ability to tap into an ever-growing pool of resources in various disciplines, including art, natural science, design, engineering, anthropology and psychology. So, why is there still a divide between the sciences and the humanities? Read more.

TECH & CULTURE | Image by peter bender