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Revisited: Richard Linklater's "Waking Life"

The opening shot in Waking Life, Linklater’s first animated drama film, is of a young girl holding out a haphazardly-made paper fortune teller. “Pick a colour,” she says to a boy curiously gazing at her. He chooses and the girl uncannily reveals his fortune: “Dream is destiny.”

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Looking to learn a new language? Here’s a list of 12 European startups that want to help

Photo credit: Chris Dlugosz / Flickr

There are a number of reasons why people decide to learn a new language. 

Whether you’ve moved to a new country, want to improve employability or impress your friends, one thing’s certain, for most people, it’s not going to be an easy journey – especially when you factor in work and maintaining interaction with other members of the human race.

Personally, I’ve been learning German on and off through traditional classes as well as online apps for about a year and a half now, but for me, it’s still a challenge to form smooth-sounding sentences with these grammar tables clouding my brain.

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The story behind Moviepilot, the startup uniting movie nerds and shaking up the film industry

Scroll through your Facebook news feed and think about this: How many times have you seen a friend post about their 8,000-wordHarry Potter fan-fictionPokemon fusion artworks or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle trailer made of clips from the original animation?

Seldom, probably.

If you’re not into movies, it may sound slightly odd that there are online communities devoted to movie fandom and content of this nature.

One of them is Moviepilot.com, which averages about 50 million views per month. It also has about 27 million ‘Likes’ across its 12 themed Facebook pages.


Recently, Moviepilot sold its German website, moviepilot.de, for 15 million euros to French online publisher Webedia in order to focus on its fast-growing American business.

Following the announcement, I had a chat with Bauckhage at Moviepilot’s Berlin office about how the site garnered such a big audience, why major American film studios such as Paramount came knocking on the company’s door, and to get details about its sale of the German business.

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10 exciting ‘smart energy’ startups from across Europe

With Google’s recent acquisition of Nest and the launch of pan-European smart energy accelerator programs by both Rockstart and Startupbootcamp, it seems the energy vertical is having a bit of a moment right now.

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A peek inside: Wunderlist wants to be the ultimate tool for organizing your life and business

What started as an experiment among six friends in Berlin trying to better organize their lives (hence the company name) has become a productivity tool with 8 million users worldwide and a company backed by one of Silicon Valley’s most acclaimed VC firms.

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Oh snap! 10 cool and creative (made in Europe) photo apps 

There’s no doubt that the rise of smartphones and photo apps have completely changed the way we approach photography and share images.

Instagram‘s impact speaks for itself. VSCO Cam has the ability to add elegance to almost every image. Drake Shake is incredibly entertaining (and the best thing ever?).

But despite the slew of creative photo editors and communities spawned in the last couple of years, how many cool and creative Europeanphotography apps can you name off the top of your head?

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Fashion forward: Here’s 20 fashion e-commerce startups to watch in Europe

"Everybody needs to get dressed in the morning, and everybody wants to be something because of that effort. It’s an inevitable and inescapable text in our lives, whether we see it as fashion, or downgraded to clothing, or upgraded to personal style,” said Sally Singer, former Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times Style Magazine and now Creative Digital Director at Vogue, in an interview with AnOther in 2012.

Meanwhile, European online retail sales are expected to climb to 233.9 billion euros by 2018 and clothing will continue to be the dominating online sales category, according to a recent Forrester forecast.

And yet, despite the obvious market potential, startups in this segment are still often dismissed as frivolous ventures in the tech industry. What gives?

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Stepping into Poland’s startup scene – Krakow and its emerging entrepreneurial ecosystem

Situated in the heart of Krakow and along Poland’s longest river is an abandoned Soviet-era hotel. On the outside, covering the front façade of the concrete building – a remnant of 1980s communist architecture – is a huge lack-lustre Adidas billboard.

Inside, however, is a different story. For two days, the mostly vacant former hotel was transformed into a colourful space for the Bitspiration Festival, an annual tech conference bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and music industry professionals to learn, exchange ideas and mingle.

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Pitching, partners and progress: What female VCs really think about the tech industry

The next time you go to a tech conference or startup event, stop and take 20 seconds to survey your surroundings. Then, mentally jot down the makeup of attendees: How many of them are men? How many of them are women? How racially diverse are participants? What seems to be the average age?

Try this exercise a couple of times and you’ll undeniably see some trends emerge.

I did this for the past month while covering various tech events across Europe (in Berlin, Monaco and Kraków) and noticed – unsurprisingly – the stark gender imbalance, lack of cultural diversity and most participants falling in the age range of mid-20s to 30s.

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Photo essay: Google-backed startup ‘Factory’ finally opens in Berlin

Highly anticipated and hyped Berlin startup campus ‘Factory‘ finally opened its doors yesterday after two years of delays and unexpected construction surprises (including the discovery of “grenades and bunkers” at the site).

Factory – which is supported by Google for Entrepreneurs – is home to some of the most prominent names in Berlin’s startup scene, including SoundCloud and 6wunderkinder, and also hosts international tech companies, such as Twitter, Zendesk and Mozilla.

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