is a writer and editor from Toronto covering mostly art, design and technology.

She currently lives in Berlin.

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AnOther  | A Meditation on the Endless Appeal of Clouds in Art

Clouds are at once untouchable, impermanent, and overpowering; a deep natural language that is constantly changing and adapting to whatever the viewer wants it to be. One that has countless configurations that we can project infinite moods, meanings and thoughts on to. Perhaps that’s why clouds have been a source of fascination for centuries, and continue to be today. Read more.

ART | Image by Balthasar Burkhard


C Magazine | Moyra Davey: Portrait / Landscape

A review of Moyra Davey's 2017 exhibition Portrait / Landscape at Berlin's Galerie Buchholz. Read here.



Newsweek | Follow the money, find the art

While politicians continue to debate Greece's debt crisis, artists in Athens are discussing cultural reform in the lead-up to documenta 14. During the years Artistic Director Adam Szymczyk has taken to plan the current exhibition, he has focused on challenging a prevailing media narrative. Read more in the March 31, 2017 Issue. 

ART & CULTURE | Image By Mathias Voelzke


AIGA’s Eye On Design
 | The Web Designer Exposing the Humanity and Humor of the Internet

“Once in a while, I’ll see an element on a website and I can tell a human made that decision” says New York-based web designer Jon Lucas. “Even though this medium is so digital and stark and you have an LED light shining directly into your eyes, there’s still something human that can be communicated through it.” Read more.



Twin Magazine | In the Mood

Blurring the boundaries between documentary photography and art, photographer Stefanie Moshammer interrogates commonly held notions of different places with an idiosyncratic flair. I spoke to her for Twin Magazine Issue 18. Read more in the magazine.



AnOther | Cy Twombly's celestial photographs

Cy Twombly’s ethereal photographic studies of flowers, objects and interiors provide a thrilling insight into the late American artist's life and creative outlook. Read more.




Broccoli Magazine | Hungarian artist Katalin Ladik’s one-person theater

On my twenty-ninth birthday, I stepped through the doors of an exhibition in Berlin to find a video projection of a young woman, reminiscent of Anna Karina in Godard’s “Pierrot le Fou,” staring at me. One hand holds a fishbowl cocktail glass half full, the other pinches her nasal bridge while a straw extends from the left nostril into the water. Bubbles emerge as she uses the straw to make a choppy arpeggio of short, punctuated shrills.The woman is Hungarian poet, performance artist, and actress Katalin Ladik, and she’s performing her poem Poemim (1980). Read more in Issue 04 of Broccoli Mag.



Kinfolk Magazine | Against Perfectionism

A short essay on deciphering the limits of self-improvement. Issue 26 also features interviews with musician Kilo Kish, Omar Souleyman and writer Siri Hustvedt. Buy the magazine here.



CNN Travel | 10 ways to crack Berlin's arts scene

Ten destinations that'll help newcomers get up to speed with what's happening in a city that refuses to stand still. Read more.



AIGA’s Eye On Design | Will Augmented Reality Last In Design Once the Hype Passes?

In recent years, AR has changed from a hobby fo the tech-savvy into big business. But for how long? Read more.



iGNANT | Digital art: Beyond the hype

If you think of the term ‘digital art’, you might conjure up images of twitchy GIFs or glitchy videos. You might think it’s a recent development, but in fact its practice has roots dating back to the 1960s. So – what is considered ‘digital art’? We delved into this topic and spoke to some key artists and gallerists about what it means to create, consume and sell digital art. Read more.



Freunde von Freunden x Zeit Magazin | A portrait of John Baker and Juli Daoust Baker, owners of Mjölk store

I spoke to the creative duo behind Mjölk — a gallery and lifestyle store in Toronto with a focus on artful Scandinavian and Japanese design — about their holistic approach to design, the proximity of their work to their home life and the strong relationships they've built with their artisan suppliers. Read more.

DESIGN | Image By Titus Chan


Kinfolk | Art in motion: Alexander Calder

Looking at a mobile by Alexander Calder is akin to gazing at wavering foliage on a calm summer afternoon. What looks deceptively simple slowly comes alive with an inexhaustible sense of wonder. Here’s a look at how the American sculptor's works and ideas have fluently stepped into the twenty-first century. Read more.

ART & CULTURE | Image by Marc Vaux


Dazed Digital | Adult, a groundbreaking erotic magazine

Adult isn’t your typical adult magazine, nor is it “porn for women”. The inaugural issue is a stimulating pastiche straddling erotics and literature. A vivid spread on masturbating friends is interlaced with stirring short stories and a magical diary of a transgender woman going through hormone replacement therapy. Read more.



Amuse by i-D | Fashion to violence: Meet MoMA's provocative design curator

Arguably one of the most provocative design curators of our time, Paola Antonelli isn't afraid to ruffle some feathers in order to push the definition of design beyond beautification of objects and into real life. Read more.


Offscreen | Interview with Amy Webb

For issue 15, I interviewed Amy Webb — founder of the Future Today Institute — about the role of futurism during the Cold War, her algorithm on finding love and why it's increasingly important for businesses of all stripes to stay on top of technological changes.   
Read more in the magazine here.



Factory Magazine | Empowering refugees to become creators

Get to know ReDI School, the non-profit organization Anna Kjær Riechert co-founded with Ferdi Van Heerden that aims to provide refugees with programs to gain tech skills and access to a network that’ll get them job-ready while their papers are being processed. 
Read more.

TECH & SOCIETY | Image By Ben Fuchs


BRYGG Magazine | Mottainai

For this issue focusing on creatives dealing with taste and flavour, I had a conversation with Tainá Guedes, the founder and CEO of Entretempo Kitchen Gallery about how combining food and art can tap into changing habits. Read more in the magazine here.

ART & CULTURE | Cover by Erika Hebbert


OAK - The Nordic Journal | The Future of Furniture

The ninth issue of Oak looks to spaces and places that inspire Nordic creativity — not just regionally, but internationally. Highlights include: art legend Olafur Eliasson on running his Berlin super studio; re-envisioning the simple summerhouse with Nordic retreats; fine jewellery designer Sophie Bille Brahe. I wrote a short piece on MA/U Studio. Buy the magazine here.




AnOther | A Celebration of Iris van Herpen By Five Key Accomplices

To mark 10 years of the Dutch designer's eponymous label, five of her friends and creative cohorts—from Tilda Swinton to Marina Abramović—pay tribute to her singular magic. From lucid dreaming and the power of chaos to synaesthesia and the electricity in our bodies, Van Herpen has taken bits and pieces from the realms of art, science, technology, dance and philosophy, and brought them into her ethereal designs. Read more.



Kinfolk | Breaking From Convention: Fernand Léger

One of the most significant pieces of experimental filmmaking, Ballet Mécanique (1924) takes the viewer into a realm that transcends the rigid patterns of rational thought. French artist Fernand Léger created this early modernist masterpiece in collaboration with American filmmaker Dudley Murphy by straying from traditional film narratives. Read more.



Maisonneuve | Douglas Coupland on Marshall McLuhan and your digital data doppelgänger

“There’s an unusual situation where there’s a hair growing sideways in my left nostril and it’s driving me crazy... that’s called too much information,” remarked Canadian author, visual artist and Maisonneuve contributor Douglas Coupland during the opening of his speech at the Embassy of Canada in Berlin. Read more.

LITERATURE & CULTURE | Image By Gord Iverson


Format Magazine | Studio Swine designs with hair, garbage and discomfort

From creating eyewear made of human hair to transforming plastic flotsam into luxury objects, designers Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakami are no strangers to pushing themselves into unfamiliar territory in order to produce extraordinary work.  The duo behind award-winning interdisciplinary design practice Studio Swine maintain that leaping into the unknown and overcoming failure has been a crucial part of arriving at invaluable discoveries. Read more.



Berlin Film Journal | Revisited: Ingmar Bergman's 'Persona'

'Persona' (1966) is a film that can be watched over and over again without losing its power to scramble the brain and stir the soul. Here, we explore the psychological aspects of the perplexing film. Read more.



AnOther Magazine | Delving into the subconscious with Ballen and Carlsen

For NO JOKE, American photographer Roger Ballen and Danish artist Asger Carlsen collaborated to produce a series of  enigmatic photo collages that attempt to divert out gaze inwards, towards the darkest recesses of the psyche. Read more.



Kinfolk Magazine | Issue 27

I wrote two articles for this issue of Kinfolk. One about the acknowledgement and etiquette of death and the other on inattentional blindness. Read more about the issue.



AnOther | Exposing Nobuyoshi Araki's most sentimental series

For many, the name Nobuyoshi Araki is synonymous with Kinbaku — the artful form of Japanese bondage to which he dedicated many photographic projects. The provocative image-maker has dedicated his life to erotic photography, but there's a lesser-seen element to his work that exudes softness. Read more.

ART & PHOTOGRAPHY | Image By Albert Bonsfills

AnOther Magazine | Beneath the surface of Nan Goldin's most personal work

For American photographer Nan Goldin, photography has always been about capturing moments with complete honesty, revealing life as it was happening. Her 1980 image Rise and Monty KissingNew York City, is a notable example of how Goldin was able to create an intimacy with her idiosyncratic mode of documentation, instilling in viewers an electric feeling of closeness – of being there in the scene. Read more.



Freunde von Freunden | Diving into the sustainable surfing movement

Surfing is often likened to a spiritual experience. It’s no surprise, then, that some surfers characterize the traditional approach of building surfboards as more of a religion, rather than an industry. However, this religion is undeniably ruining the environment that surfers cherish most—Mother Nature—and many are ready to convert to a more sustainable alternative. Read more.

DESIGN & CULTURE | Image By Kenny Hurtado


VentureBeat | Can spending on a Google-style office make employees happy (and more productive)?

Google’s unconventional office designs are well-documented and there’s no doubt they play a role in its organizational culture. But for startups, this raises a question: Can an individualized office space with sleek design really help to create that elusive feeling known as “great company culture”? Read more.

TECH & DESIGN | Image By Marcel Wichary Via Flickr


Factory Magazine | Tactical Tech wants to help you track your digital footprint

As our environments continue to change at breakneck speed, it's becoming increasingly difficult to thoroughly understand how emerging technologies are fundamentally transforming the way we live, understand ourselves and the structures of society. Read more.

TECH & SOCIETY | Image By Ana Santl