Some more selected features, profiles and interviews, indexed by category.


Adult, a groundbreaking erotic magazine Dazed Digital, November 2013

Against Perfectionism Kinfolk Magazine, Winter 2018, Issue 26

A record-breaking year for Canadian film at Berlinale TIFF's The Review, February 2016

Art in motion: Alexander Calder Kinfolk, December 2016

Artistic medium Broccoli Magazine, Issue 1, November 2017

Beneath the surface of Nan Goldin's most personal work yet AnOther, July 2016

Breaking From Convention: Fernand Léger Kinfolk, January 2017

Confronting history: James Baldwin Kinfolk, February 2017

Cy Twombly's celestial photographs AnOther, May 2016

Delving into the subconscious with Ballen and Carlsen AnOther, September 2016

Digital art: Beyond the hype iGNANT, November 2015

Dirk Braeckman's bewitching display for Venice Biennale AnOther, May 2017

Douglas Coupland on Marshall McLuhan and your digital data doppelgänger Maisonneuve, February 2014

Exposing Nobuyoshi Araki's most sentimental series AnOther, June 2016

Follow the money, find the art Newsweek, March 31, 2017 Issue

Juergen Teller's Raw Authenticity Kinfolk, May 2017

Lena C. Emery's tender exploration of the female gaze AnOther, November 2016

Mind-bending sculptures by Alicja Kwade iGNANT, October 2015

Painter, sculptor, choreographer: The legacy of Oskar Schlemmer Kinfolk, November 2016

Revisited: Ingmar Bergman's "Persona" Berlin Film Journal, May 2014

Revisited: Richard Linklater's "Waking Life" Berlin Film Journal, August 2014

Ruth Ozeki on breaking the fictional world Maisonneuve, April 2014

Shining a new light on Marsha P. Johnson Kinfolk, April 2017

The photographer finding beauty in strangers' faces AnOther, March 2017

The New York-based artist using her paintings as protest AnOther, January 2017


Berlin's abandoned Kindl brewery becomes an arts complex The Spaces, October 2016

Can spending on a Google-style office make employees happy and more productive? VentureBeat, September 2013

Diving into the sustainable surfing movement Freunde von Freunden, February 2015

Fashion to violence: Meet MoMA's provocative design curator Amuse by i-D, July 2016

Get to know Toronto in 11 buildings The Spaces, October 2016

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